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The book 'Urban Encroachment on Agricultural Land in Urban Fringe Areas: A Study from India' is a comprehensive research work carried out for a thesis submitted for the award of Ph.D. degree in Geography at the Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. This book offers to readers a wide spectrum of discussion on the concepts and scope of urban-fringe areas that have developed on agricultural lands outside the municipal limits of cities. The book incorporates a detailed assessment of the impact of urban encroachment on natural and human environment. Illustrations have been made by taking Aligarh city as an example, which forms a part of the northern Ganga Plains and lies in the vicinity of national capital, New Delhi. In different chapters, it has been attempted to examine the growth and expansion of city in surrounding rural-agricultural land, tested by taking a number of land use and socio-economic parameters. The study also highlights the rational strategy if adopted for planning and governance of urban fringe. Though, the book deals the problems of urban-fringe areas in geographical perspectives,it may also be useful to researchers in other disciplines, and also to students.
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