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good quality going out cat or dog carrier bag купить по лучшей цене

Carry your pet conveniently and comfortably with this fully enclosed Pet Carrier that is designed with 3 openings. It features a fully zip-out opening, interior tether, and an extra pocket for easily storing little things. Coming with a mesh inner wall for adequate breathability. Collapsible designed for easy storage with a removable interior pad when not in use. Timeless design keeps you years of stylish carry with your puppy or kitten. Features Interior tether included. Side pocket for convenient storage. Water-proof. Easy to clean with wet cloth. Enclosed pet carrier with 3 vents/openings Mesh on the side for breathability. Removable & washable interior pad. Collapsible designed for easy storage. Fit for dogs and cats, or other little pets up to 18 pounds. What's in the box? 1 x pet carrier bag, 1 x adjustable shoulder strap, 1 x interior pad. Specifications Care & Cleaning Cold water for washing and natural withering Main Color Camel Size Medium N.W. 1.2kg Material PU leather Overall Height (Top to Bottom) 27cm Overall Width (Side to Side) 42cm Overall Depth (Front to Back) 22cm Package General post pack
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