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hand held anti slip fiber optical microscope 200x magnification cl inspection led illumination built in ir filter купить по лучшей цене

This portable wireless digital microscope (Wi-Fi) can magnify objects from 5X to 200X and transfer the images taking by microscope to smart phones, tablet, PC based on Android/IOS through WIFI. The wireless microscope is perfect for medical; visual assistance, textile industrial for textile inspection, printing inspection, industrial inspection (PCB, precision machinery), education purpose, skin and hair examination, microbiological observation, jewelry and coin (collections) inspection, etc. Features Wi-Fi wireless connection. 5X-200X Magnification. Equipped with a snap shot button which makes capturing still images possible. Real-time display. Supports displaying on multiple devices at the same time with a signal range up to 5 meters. Built-in 8 LED light, adjustable brightness. Perfect for skin, hair, printing, textile, jewelry, stamp, industrial inspection. Excellent for medical and visual examination, education purpose. Works with IOS (iPhone, iPad), Android phone and Tablet PC. Specifications Supplementary Light Source built-in 8 white LED lights WIFI Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n standards compliant. Still image capture resolution 640 x 480, can be magnified and minified. Frame rate VGA 5f/s under 600LUX brightness Magnification range 5X – 200X(manually) Take images snap shot in application/camera button Brightness control manual adjustment Power supply rechargeable 750mAH self-protection lithium battery Charging time 3 hours Continual working time 1 hour(once fully charged) Application software IOS/Android App Dimension 13.5L x 3.5Dia. cm Weight 240g Package content 1 x WIFI wireless digital microscope, 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x CD,1 x User Manual
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