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hand held anti slip fiber optical microscope 200x magnification cl inspection led illumination built in ir filter купить по лучшей цене

See the tiny object in details with your phone or tablet by using this Supereyes S002 200X Macro Lens, which features 0-4.5mm adjustable focal distance. It is compact and easy to use, just stick on your phone camera with its million-time rubber, you will get a 200x magnification to see the small object with high clarity. Features Specially-made million-time rubber that fix on your phone firmly, and do not scratch your phone. Adopts slim and mini aspheric optical lens for high clarity. 0-4.5mm variable focal distance, just rotate and adjust, easy to operate. Mini, lightweight and easy to carry. No light source, battery, and stand required. Suitable for any camera size, any camera position, any smartphone and tablet. Click here for Supereyes app download. Specifications Brand Supereyes Model S002 Magnification 200x Focus Auto focus Object Distance 0-4.5mm Product Weight 3g Package Weight 50g Product Size 20 x 19 x 13 mm Package Size 11 x 8 x 2.2 cm Package Contents 1 x Supereyes S002 200X Macro Lens
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