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harlem hl 956 convenient folding outdoor pvc pail bucket translucent white green 10l купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model LX-HL1027 Quantity 1 Color Black Material PVC Functions Outdoor camping solar bathing bag Best use Camping / Mountaineering Knife Blade Type No Other Features Capacity: 20L; Using one small spoon baking soda into warm water to blister shower bag before the first time use; Then fill in water on the second use black side up on a flat surface so that the full sun exposure; Heating 3 hours so that you can use; Taking shower for 8 minutes; Convenient and environmental in outdoor activities; Portable and folding; Three hours can make water temperature from 15.5'C to 40.5'C Packing List 1 x Water bag 1 x Soft tube 1 x Sprinkler head 1 x Nylon hook 1 x Plastic tube
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