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New Hampshire is a state rich with history; some of it haunted. Explore the ghosts and their haunts in towns such as Alton, Dover, Franconia, Litchfield, Nashua, Portsmouth, and West Chesterfield that will leave your senses tingling with adventure. Get the shivers as you: · Visit spirits of yesteryear still lingering in the historical societies of Goffstown and Hampton, New Hampshire. · Join the ghosts of haunted restaurants and taverns in Concord, Laconia, Merrimack, and Windham as they loiter in their favorite rooms. · Sit a spell in a haunted hotel in Bretton Woods or nestle into an eerie Durham bed-and-breakfast. · Take a tutorial in terror at one of the many schools in Keene where immortal tenants roam the halls. · Encounter a dead pirate in the Isles of Shoals or banshee on an island off the smallest coastline in the United States. · Stopover to see the haunted cemetery in Hollis and Conway where the dead rise from their tombs and glow before your eyes. These tales, and more throughout New Hampshire, will keep you chilled as you explore its ghostly side.

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