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high transparency tempered glass screen protector for samsung galaxy note 3 n9000 transparent купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Quantity 1 Piece Color Transparent Material Tempered glass Compatible Models Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000 Screen Type Glossy Other Features Toughened glass has high transparency and the color never changes; The surrounding part is smooth to protect the screen from being smashed; The product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free; Coating of oleophobicity: anti-fingerprint anti-oil and anti-alkali; Ultra thin glass (0.36mm thickness) can be treated by toughening under high temperature of 420; Thickness of stress layer: 12um; Thickness of surface: 8~9H; High safely coefficient (pasted with burst disk to prevent glass crack and cullet dropping; Advanced fitting technology of anti-static silica membrance to make convenience for the fitting and dismantling; high touch sensitivity Packing List 1 x Screen protector 1 x Scraper 1 x Wet cleaning paper 1 x Cleaning cloth 1 x Dust remover 2 x Button stickers 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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