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Food and Beverage Management fourth edition has been completely revised, updated and restructured to reflect current practice and teaching. This best selling text has been restructured to fit with semester teaching and includes updated information on all areas especially technology, operations and staffing issues. It provides a complete introduction to this vital area of hospitality management, looking at issues such as:* Sectors within the industry* What is quality and how to manage it* Getting started in the restaurant business* Menu planning* Food and beverage operations and control* Staffing issues including recruiting and turnover* Marketing including public relations and merchandising* Trends and development including franchising and environmental issuesUsing industry based case studies throughout, each chapter has a user friendly structure including aims, exercises and further study hints. There is also an accompanying website for lecturers containing PowerPoint slides, solutions to exercises, extra case studies and links to helpful sites.* The introductory 'bible' for people entering food and beverage management studies or practice* Fully updated and revised with new material specific to key areas such as information technology, operations and staffing issues* Packed with international cases, practical examples and 90+ photographs and illustrations to clearly explain the critical points raised* Supported by online lecturer material with PowerPoint slides, solutions to exercises, extra case studies and web links
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