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Fun with Fizz is an entertaining new two-level course for young learners. The exciting adventures of the mischievous alien Fizz will engage your pupils’ attention and make learning English fun. Fun with Fizz provides pupils with a carefully graded syllabus which gradually develops their vocabulary and language skills through fun stories, clear and user-friendly lesson organization and ample practice and revision. Fun with Fizz features: clearly structured, easy to follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year; all the key grammar structures and essential vocabulary required at primary level, transparently presented and methodically practiced; а range of fun and achievable activities developing reading, writing, listening and speaking skills; stickers and songs to maintain a high level of motivation; regular revision sections; writing sections after every review to develop pupils’ writing skills using the grammar and vocabulary they have learnt; memorable songs and chants; аn end-of-year play and extra celebration activity pages.

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