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latour 2400 led photography lighting dms 5600k studio video camera stage light lamp купить по лучшей цене

Features LATOUR 2400-LED Video/ Photography Light with Light Stand Socket. Large projection area, even spot light distribution, no shadow. Adopts 2400pcs high efficient LED, energy-saving and stable light, long service life. Yellow Light (0%-100%) and White Light (0%-100%) adjustable. Brightness up to 16800Lux (1m). DMX Input & Output. Power by including power adapter or 2 x Sony V-mount battery, not included. Made of aluminum alloy, durable for long term use. Bottom with light stand socket design, can be install to your light stand. Widely used on professional and amateur photography, TV making, movie making, video recording etc. Specifications Model LED Video Light Power 145W Voltage 100V - 240V Output Voltage 13.8V-14.8V DC Brightness Variation 0%-100% Color Temperature 5600K Illumination (Lux) 17136LUX/m Configuration Remote Controller Size 61 x 34 x 4 cm Weight 5.5kg Package Contents 1 x LED Light 1 x Power Adapter & Power Cable 1 x Remote Controller
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