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The LifeSmart™ Motion Sensor allows you to keep an eye of any movement in your home or office anytime and anywhere. You will get instant alerts via the LifeSmart App on your smartphone when a motion is detected. The motion sensor works with Lifesmart Wireless Camera so that when any movement is detected, the camera will automatically take photos and send to your smartphone. Keep An Eye of What is Going On The LifeSmart™ Motion Sensor can be set to push notifications on your mobile device, once a motion is detected by the sensor. Snap Shot In conjunction with the LifeSmart™ Wireless Camera you can trigger a snap shot that is directly sent to your mobile device. Detection HistoryYou can view the previous logs of snapshots to know more details. Pair with Other Smart Devices When paired with other LifeSmart™ products, you can set triggers together with other devices to perform actions based on ambient settings or security warnings. NoteThe Motion Sensor must be used with LifeSmart Smart Station. Specification Product Size 70 x 70 x 38mm Weight 110g Color White Wireless Range 800m(open field) Working Frequency 433MHz GFSK Working Temperature 0-45°C Working Humidity 5-95% Charging Voltage 5V, ≥150mA Standby Time 6 months
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