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The Collapsible Water Container is suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, picnic. With 5L large capacity and food-grade PE material, you can store water for drinking or cooking. Foldable design makes sure convenient and easy carrying. It can be used as a gasoline bag in emergency. Features Large screw cap closure with handle, easy to carry and inject water. Made of ultra-durable food-grade PE, non-toxic, safe and durable. Portable and collapsible, little space to be occupied, easy to carry. 5L large capacity, enough for daily use of outdoor activities. Non-slip carryinh handle, easy to carry without hurting hands an dyuo can attach it to your bag. Suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, picnic, and it can be used to hold water and all kinds of drinks. Specifications Material Food grade PE Temperature Range 0°C to 80°C Capacity5L Color Blue Occasion Camping, hiking, etc. Package Weight 85g Package Contents 1 x 5L Camping Water Container
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