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new arrival 338pcs set 3 8 inch 1 4 inch 1 2 inch sanding for band drum sleeve 60 120 320 mix grit for dremel wholesale price купить по лучшей цене

Description: 102pcs 80Grit Drum Sanding Kit Fit Dremel Rotary Tools with 1/2 3/8 1/4 Inch Sanding Mandrels Specification: Material: Carborundum Grit (sand drum): 80# Size (sand drum): 1/2" Dia.(inner diameter of the bands) Size (sand drum): 1/4" Dia.(inner diameter of the bands) Size (sand drum): 3/8" Dia.(inner diameter of the bands) Dia. (Mandrel): 3/8" 1/2" and 1/4" Shank Dia. (Mandrel): 1/8" Quantity: 30pcs x 1/2" Sanding Bands Sleeves 30pcs x 1/4" Sanding Bands Sleeves 30pcs x 3/8" Sanding Bands Sleeves 4pcs x 1/2" Mandrel 4pcs x 1/4" Mandrel 4pcs x 3/8" Mandrel Features: Turn your Dremel or other rotary tool into versatile high-speed sander. Accessory to sand, shape, groove & finish soft & hard woods, fiberglass & more. Use for refining the nail edges / shaping the edges / surface of acrylic nail and gel nail. Removing excess glue and material from the underside of acrylic / gel nail. Can be used for natural nails as well as artificial nails. For professional studio use or home use. Package Included: 90pcs x Sanding Bands Sleeves 12pcs x Mandrel More Details:
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