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Description : T-388 0.5W UHF Auto Multi-Channels Mini Radios Walkie Talkie Black This set includes 2 walkie talkies units, these are communication device which operate on mobile radio frequesncies. They come with 22 channels as well as a back-lit LCD screen, enabling you to communicate over a long distance. A best tools for many aspect in our daily life such as : home building/guarding, out door traveling, game playing, kid teaching. Features : 22 channel PMR system autoscan function LCD display including,battery status indicator Adjustable volume level Transmitting and receiving icons Channel number and scan status Battery Saving Function Electronic volume adjustment Auto squelch 5 different call melodies Call alert Built in flashlight Channel lock Power selection Specifications : Brand : BELL SOUTH Model Number : T388 Sub-Code : CTCSS 38 Color : Gentle Black Type : Two Way Radio Talk Range : 3km in open area Storage Channel : 22 Modulation Type : FM-F3E Dimensions : 144 x 56 x 33mm Frequency range : 400-470 MHz. Display : LCD Power by : 4 x AAA Package included : 2 x T388 Mini Walkie Talkies Black 1 x English User Manual ( Color Packaging ) Details pictures :
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