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orico ih20p 20 port usb 2 0 hub with data and charge modes купить по лучшей цене

This ORICO High Speed Hub Adapter is a powerful multifunctional hub. It can be not only a charger with 4 USB 3.0 ports, but also external storage for smartphones. Handle 4 drives simultaneously is so easy as an android micro USB cable can provide sufficient power, providing you with great convenience for both work or daily life. Besides, it can make your desktop or laptop clean and neat. 4 Port USB Hub You can connect to 4 USB peripherals simultaneously, such as mouse, keyboard, flash drive or mobile hard disk. High Speed USB 3.0 Easily handle multiple devices with a transmission speed up to 5Gbps in theory. Turns into a Charger When connected to a power adapter via the Micro USB port, it can charge up to 4 devices Power Supply OTG Allows to connect USB devices to your OTG smartphones or tablets. (Note: It can not charge the smartphone when using the OTG function, only support power supply for OTG external devices.) Small & Exquisite Only the length of a finger, quite easy to hold in one hand and carry around or place in anywhere, space saving! Specifications Brand ORICO Model G11-H4 -U3 Hub Material ABS Output Interface 4 x USB3.0 Transmission Speed 5Gbps in theory Input Interface USB3.0 Type-A, Micro USB 5V Power Supply Micro USB Power Supply Data Cable 30cm Indicator Blue LED Indicator Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS Color Black/White Product Size 8.6 x 5cm Package Contents1 x ORICO G11-H4 -U3 Hub 1 x USB 3.0 cable 1 x User Manual
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