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orico ih20p usb hub 20 usb ports industrial usb2 0 hub usb splitter with 2 models data transmission or usb charger купить по лучшей цене

This ORICO IH20P 20-Port USB 2.0 Hub features data and charge dual modes, which will meet your various needs. It can extend up to 20 USB interfaces for your laptop or PC, you don't need to bend down to find the USB port behind the desk. The user-friendly light-touch control switch brings you a more convenient experience. Equipped with multiple protections, it can effectively protect your device and the hub itself. Two Modes for You to Choose It features data mode and charge mode for you to switch with just a press on the button. Connects to up to 20 Devices Featuring 20 USB 2.0 ports, it brings an USB interface extension for your laptop or PC, plug and play, enables efficient data sync. Supports Multiple USB-enabled Devices It can connect with keyboard, mouse, power bank, USB drive, smartphone, printer, etc. Better Heat Dissipation Performance Multi-hole mesh design on the bottom, which makes better heat-dissipation. Various Ways to Use Both ends of the hub are designed with removable hangers, which can be fixed to the wall or mounted on the desktop or can be placed in the charging cabinet or other centralized equipment. One-Click Main Control Switch Featuring comfortable light-touch design, enables you to turn off or turn on the power with a light touch, brings you a more convenient experience. Multiple Protections Supports overload voltage protection function, effectively protect your device and the hub. Specifications Brand ORICO Model IH20P Output Interface Type-A USB 2.0 x 20 Input Interface 90-130V/200-250V Working Mode Data Mode, Charge Mode Power Supply 150W Detached Power Module Package Weight 1.4kg Product Size 238 x 138 x 76 mm Package Size 26 x 16 x 10 cm Package Contents 1 x ORICO IH20P 20-Port USB 2.0 Hub 2 x Fixing Plate 2 x Screws
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