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orico ih20p usb hub 20 usb ports industrial usb2 0 hub usb splitter with 2 models data transmission купить по лучшей цене

ORICO DH4U-U2-05 Square-Shaped Hub has 4 USB ports and built-in 50cm Data Cable. Compact design and a squared-shape: Maximize the use of the smaller area. 4-port USB expansion: Add 4 USB 2.0 ports for your computer in seconds. Power your device: Data transmission can provide maximum 500mA current output, effectively solving the problem of charging your device. Data cable: With a built-in 50cm USB cable to attach to your computer. LED indicator: Shows working status. Compatibility: Compatible with Windows/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS and Linux. Specifications Name Square 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub Brand ORICO Model DF4U-U2-05 Cable Built-in 50cm USB cable Driver Driver Not Required Safety Over-current, over-voltage protection and short-circuit protection Support System Windows/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS and Linux Product Size 60L x 60W x 32H mm
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