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orico mnc 2a3u wall mount usb power strips купить по лучшей цене

This Xiaomi Wall Mount USB Power Strips with 2 standard outlets (AU Plug) and 2 USB ports is ideal for home, office or travel, enables you to charge and protect your power-hungry devices conveniently, such as smartphones, iPad, external batteries, and other USB powered devices. It is with independent safety doors to keep children away from the risk of electric shock. And it provides overload protection to keep connected devices safe. Wall Mount DesignWithout power cord, brings much convenience for charging and storage, set you free from boring wires. And it will snugly plug in the wall socket, no need to worry about loosening or falling down. 2 USB Ports Proivde fast and stable charging for USB devices, supports 5V 2A fast charging. High Quality Material Crafted with excellent flame-resistant PC and tin-phosphor bronze, provide effective prevention of fire hazards. Independent Safety Doors Keep children away from the risk of electric shock. Overload Protection Avoid accidental fire and short circuit, ensure the electricity safety. Simple Design Compact size provides maxmium portability, you can take it anywhere. Specifications BrandXiaomi ModelMJEWZHQ-01QM Shell Material Flame-resistant PC USB Output 10.5W(total), 5V 2.1A(single) USB Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A Technical Parameter 2500W max, 10A max, 250V Product Weight160g Product Size166 x 50 x 53 mm Package Contents 1 x Wall Mount Power Strip
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