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orico usb3 0 hub aluminum super speed 7 ports usb splitter with 12v 2 5a power adapter for macbook air laptop pc computer купить по лучшей цене

1). ORICO 10-Ports Aluminum alloy housing Positioned in High-end market USB 3.0 x 7 + 5V / 1A x 2 + 5V / 2.4A x 1 2). Configurable with Latest Vl812 Chipset for USB3.0 HUB More Efficient Power Use Over USB 2.0 3). 5V 1A x 2 + 5V 2.4A x 1 charging ports Compatible with IPHONE IPAD HTC phones Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Phone Samsung Galaxy Note Blackberry MP3 players Digital Camera & other USB devices 4). Aluminum Shade & Sand Blasting workmanship; Come with good heat dissipation 5). Transfer Rate Up to 5Gbps10 Times Faster Than USB2.0; Built-in current protection; Configurable with DC12V 4A Power input interface 6). Configurable with power and R/W LED indicator; USB3.0 Data cable available with 1m length 7). CE FCC Certification Available
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