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video The Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp utilizes premium Osram LEDs to offer you 16 million RGB color spectrum for 365 different days and nights. With adjustable brightness and 1700k-6500k color temperature range, it can wake you up with natural sunrise-like light and guides you to good sleep with dimming sunset light. The top panel allows you to easily switch modes, adjust color/brightness, and set a timer via simple touch control. And the App grants you total control over the smart lamp and enables you to pick up the color from your photo that Yeelight will deliver the same light as selected. The Yeelight is designed to provide you with the right lighting to set the mood for any occasions. 16 Million ColorsGet the right lighting with 16 million RGB color spectrum, 1700k-6500k color temperature and adjustable brightness. OSRAM LEDs Utilizes 14 high-grade OSRAM LEDs to make sure high color rendering index and smooth color changing. Touch Control With simple touch and slide, you can adjust brightness /power off delay/switch light mode/adjust color as you want. APP Control The Xiaomi Yeelight can be remotely controlled via the App on your Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth connection. 4 Lighting ModesIt features night light mode, white light mode, flowing color mode and TV mode to provide the right illumination. Trigger by Mi BandConnects the Yeelight with Mi Band, and Mi Band will automatically track your sleep condition to slowly dim and turn off the light. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Yeelight Product Type Night Lights Rated Power 10W (0.7W*14) Input Voltage 100-240V Output Voltage 12V 1A Number of LEDs 14pcs Light Source LED Bulbs Body Material ABS Luminous Flux 300lm Power Generation Touch Power Source AC Color Temperature 1700K-6500K Color Adjustable 16 Million Colors Brightness 1%-100% Dimmable Yes (Touch Dimming or App Dimming) Body color White Support Bluetooth 4.0, Above Android 4.3, iOS 8.0 Product Size 221 x 100 mm (H x D) Product Weight 680g Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Yeelight Bedside Lamp, 1 x Manual
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