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portable humidifier fan misting cooling fan with oil diffuser powered by 18650 batteries 3 colors skin care купить по лучшей цене

Is it hot in summer at home or the office? How to stay cool in the hot summer? This Water Misting Fan is not only a fan, but also a cooling humidifier, no worry about the hot summer. 2 in 1 Function It not not only a fan, but also a cooling humidifier via switching modes, which brings cool summer. 2 Modes of Speed Gentle press the switch, turn to 1st gear is breeze gear, turn to 2nd gear is strong wind gear, long press the switch is spray mode. Powered by Rechargeable Lithium Battery Overcharge protection circuit design can protect your lithium battery to bring long time use. Noise Canceling Design It will not disturb your sleeping and influence your sleeping quality without noise. Anti-slip Mat No worry about slipping of this water misting fan. Specifications Name Water Misting Fan Voltage DC 5V Power 2.8W Working Time 3-5 hours Input Current 800mA Charging Time 3 hours Battery 18650 lithium battery Product Weight 200g Package Size(L x W x H) 20 x 15 x 10 cm Package Contents 1 x Water Misting Fan, 1 x USB Cable
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