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portable leakproof 500ml water bottle with lanyard купить по лучшей цене

Quantity: 1 - Color: Grey + Black - Material: Cover: ABS; Bottle: Tritan (not BPA included); Spring: Stainless steel - Capacity: 750ml - Before drinking open the dust cover then press the POWER SOURCE button and can drink directly (please do not drink if the water is too hot) release the button and it will automatically close - With the closure function convenient to drink water and no leak - With the dust cover can prevent the dust and keep the water clean and health - With compass on the cover convenient to identify the direction for the driving and those who like outdoor sports - Unique design of the tea cover allowing you to enjoy the fragrance of the tea - Stackable handle design convenient to bring - Unique elastic buckle design can buckle in a sports bag or travel bag anywhere easy to carry - Packing list; - 1 x Bottle
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