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production and postharvest system of yam dioscorea spp купить по лучшей цене

This book is a result of research on rangeland management and rehabilitation and how these are important for livestock production in arid depleted rangelands. Atriplex spp. is recognized as one of the most promising plants to be cultivated in rangelands and it may also have potential feeding value for livestock. This book explores the effect of timing and severity of grazing (defoliation) on the production and quality of Atriplex spp. Further, it discusses the browsing behaviour of sheep when offered access to Atriplex nummularia during the winter and summer seasons. It is important to understand how Atriplex spp., when planted into degraded rangelands, respond to grazing by sheep. It discusses the nutritive value for Atriplex spp. and how it changes as a result of drought conditions and grazing intensities. Results from this research generally demonstrate that Atriplex spp. continues to produce dry matter even under dry conditions. Defoliation of plants up to 60% was often seen to be beneficial in terms of increasing dry matter production relative to undefoliated controls and when the defoliation took place in the winter season in the field. This book is relevant to profession

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