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promotion new silver utp 4 channel passive video balun transceiver adapter купить по лучшей цене

Brand NA Model 201C Material Plastic housing Quantity 2 Color Black + silver Other Frequency: DC-8MHz common mode rejection ratio: 60dB impedance: BNC terminal 75ohm cable connection terminal 100ohm; working temperature: -10'C~70'C storage temperature: -30'C~70'C; Suitable for NTSC PAL SECAM CCIR system; Each pair twisted pair cable transmits 1-channel video with Max. distance up to 300m use cooperatively with active receiver the transmission distance can reach 900m; Plug and play no power supply needed; BNC male mini size easy to install on DVR or place inside shield. Packing List 2 x Video balun transceiver 1 x English user manual
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