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protective waterproof shockproof pc silicone case cover for lg g2 white купить по лучшей цене

Color White Brand N/A Model N/A Material PC + Silicone Quantity 1 Set Shade Of Color White Compatible Models Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Other Features Waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3; 1: Supports call listening to music filming playing game sending a message 6 meters underwater. 2: Depth up to 6 meters. 3: It can be underwater up to 3 hours . 4: The product is used to protect the phone of all those people who like to play water sports this is convenient because it can bring business information to them while they are enjoying their activities in the water. 5: The product is dustproof shockproof and protect your phone from dropping .And it will become a necessity for each travel it has many advantages. 6 100% waterproof.. Packing List 1 x Waterproof case 1 x Strap
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