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pwm switching techniques for hybrid electrical vehicles купить по лучшей цене

The design and analysis of an experimental study on single-phase Pulse Width Modulation inverter are presented in this work. The study also aims to enhance knowledge on experimental studies in the lab. In this work, Implementation and analysis of PWM switching pulses with digital technique for single phase full bridge inverter is presented. A switching strategy will be proposed to be used for full bridge single phase inverter. The main advantage of these strategies is that it does not requir additional circuit to generated inverter’s dead time. In this book, the PWM equations are studied and the switching pulses are calculated. This research investigates several control techniques applied to the Single Phase Inverter in order to ensure an efficient voltage utilization and better harmonic spectrum. A modeling and control strategy of a single phase Inverter is also investigated. Computer simulation results using Simulink/Matlab program are reported and discussed together with a comparative study of the different control techniques.The single phase full bridge inverter implemented using IGBT has been developed to test the switching pulses generated by micro-controller (AT89S52).
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