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rc 6 wireless ir remote control for canon eos 5d mark ii more 1 x cr2025 купить по лучшей цене

The Wireless Remote Controller is a miniature infrared shutter release transmitter handy for taking self-portraits or group photos pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure for your Canon digital camera.The Wireless Remote Controller is simple to use and remarkably small just about anywhere. The Wireless IR Remote Controller has a maximum effective range of (10m~15) and operates on a single button-sized battery. - Color: Black - Plastic material housing - Release mode: Focusing + shooting + bulb exposure (camera setting needed) - Operation range: 10~15 meters - Suitable for 7D / 600D / 5DII / 60D / 550D / 1000D / 450D / 400D / 350D / Prol Slis S70S60 / Pro90IS / 300V / 300X / 3000VQD / IXUS; JR / II / III - Powered by 1 x CR2025 battery (included)
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