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The first interest of this book is to give awareness about the implementation of different strategies of language assessment results a positive impact on language learning. Implementing continuous assessment in Foreign Language Class contributes great achievement on students’ language performance. Deviating to the theory of Continuous Assessment during classroom practice slows students' language learning. This instigated the writer of this book to realize the purpose of continuous assessment in English classroom. To see the real practice of its implementation in the class room a qualitative case study was employed. Hence, interview, observation and document analysis were used as a data gathering instrument. The data analysis paved that teachers’ practice and the assessment theory felt apart. Certain, performance and product activities,and feedback for assessments were ignored. The assessment strategies will use as an intervention in Foreign Language classroom. Therefore, teachers who are engaged at various levels (lower to advanced college level) can use it in Foreign Language class as supplementary guide to enhance their assessment methodology and students’ performing skill
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