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Recent years have witnessed a great upswing in the development of new crystals. Over the past few decades, the advancement in science and technology has made single crystals indispensable for the development of new generation devices. Nearly-perfect crystals of nonlinear optics and ferroelectric materials are needed for optoelectronics, microprocessors, photonics, memories and crystals of all kinds which are required for scientific studies and new applications. Hence, there is always a continuous search for new and efficient materials. In this research we have investigated the growth and physical properties of four crystals viz. two NLO and two ferroelectric crystals. Single crystals of a new NLO material DGT and GZS are grown by slow cooling technique for the first time. GPI, TUGPI and AGPI single crystals grown in the solution growth technique have been discussed. Tri Glycine Barium Nitrate (TGBN) is studied recently in terms of its NLO and ferroelectric properties. The grown crystals were subjected to structural, optical, thermal and mechanical characterization studies. The general conclusions are given along with possible future work that could be performed on these crystals.

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