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smartwatch film for samsung gear s3 frontier classic screen protector 9h 2 5d explosion proof tempered glass for gear gear s2 купить по лучшей цене

Model 111 Quantity 1 Piece Material Tempered glass Color Transparent Compatible Models IPHONE 4IPHONE 4S Style Screen protector Screen Type Clear Screen Features Scratch ProofFingerprint ProofExplosion Proof Other Features Toughened glass has high transparency and the color never changes. The surrounding part is smooth to protect the screen from being smashed; The product is environmentally friendly and pollution-free; Coating of oleophobicity: anti-fingerprint anti-oil ant-acid and anti-alkali Ultra-thin glass (T=0.3mm) can be treated by toughening under high temperature of 420; Thickness of stress layer: 12um; thickness of surface: 8-9H; High safety coefficient (pasted with bursting disk to prevent glass crack and cullet dropping; Advanced fitting technology of anti-static silica membrane to make convenience for the fitting and dismantling; High touch sensitivity Packing List 1 x Tempered glass screen protector 1 x Microfiber cloth 1 x Dust remover
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