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solar powered self recharged automatic garden and pond light ball купить по лучшей цене

This Floating lotus light can float on the water and rotating with the winds just like a real lotus. Besides, The solar panel can charge under sunlight. Additionally, the LED light automatically changes colors and it only turns on in dark environment, very environment friendly. Lotus Design Vivid lotus appearance with 7 color RGB LED light, very beautiful Solar Powered 2V, 60mA solar panel, high charging conversion rate. Automatically recharges under sunlight during daytime. Light Sensor Control The LED will auto on in the darkness and auto off in the sunrise, simple to control. PC Material Material of PC enables water floating, perfect decoration for garden pond, pool, fountain etc. Specifications Appearance Lotus Material PC Charging Mode Solar Solar Panel 2V 60mA Battery 1 x 1.2V 600mAh Ni-MH battery Working Time 8-10h (spring/summer), 6-8h (autumn/winter) Product Weight 185g Product Size (L x W x H) 28 x 28 x 8 cm Package Contents 1 x Floating Lotus Light
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