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spd201 o2 digital 1 7 lcd oxygen tester black orange 3 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Cable types to be tested: It is capable to test unshielded and shielded pair (UTP FTP) of RJ45 port; With special adapters it is capable to test RJ11 port telephone line (TEL) and coaxial cable (BNC) One person is enough to complete link continuity test It is capable to detect wiring troubles such as open circuit short-circuit and dislocation It is simple and easy use and the test result is clear at a glance with the aid of LCD display of wiring diagram Voice report of test result makes test work convenient and interesting (only model "A" unit) It is portable with long service battery (standby 50 hours) It is capable to locate cable with 8 far-end passive test ports (identification number ID1-ID8 are used for quick check of cable far-end respectively) Single chip microprocessor software design is reliable in operation Low battery voltage alarm display Screen size: 1.5 inch LCD
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