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super long usb data charging cord charger cable for samsung galaxy tab2 p5100 and note 10 n8000 p7510 p1000 p7300 10ft 3m купить по лучшей цене

Accord with USB 3.0 standard specifications; USB 3.0 cable is ten times the data transmission speed than USB 2.0; USB 3.0 specifications and power supply with high efficiency and low power optimization can provide each USB port 900mA in order to ensure connection equipment to get enough power; Support USB 3.0 (5Gbps) compatible with USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 specifications; Supports Windows 2000/2003 / XP/Vista/Windows 7 / MAC operating system; Suitable for Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9000/N9005/N9006/N9002/N9008/N9009; Support charge/data transfer/flash... function.
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