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super long usb data charging cord charger cable for samsung galaxy tab2 p5100 and note 10 n8000 p7510 p1000 p7300 10ft 3m купить по лучшей цене

We all know that driving can be stressful and we must pay attention. Not watching the road usually results in accidents. Having Bluetooth set up in your car and GPS for your phone can be rather distracting unless you have somewhere safe to put the phone where it is in view of the driver and not flying around the car as we do our daily driving routine. This stand is perfect for Samsung galaxy phones. It is a secure way to have your phone in plain view and securely attached to the dashboard. This Samsung stand features a super strong suction cup on the base for stability. It’s made of non toxic plastic and can rotate 360 degrees so you have it set up any way you want. It features a built-in charger with data connection line so you can have it plugged into your car stereo if you like. It comes with everything you need from the stand to the USB data and charging cables. Get yours today and add the benefits of your phone being secure and visible. - Color: Black - Material: plastic - Cool 360 degree rotating stand with suction cup - Car charger: Input 12V Output 5V/1A - Comes with USB data + charging cable - Designed specifically for Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2
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