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t2 2 4ghz ultra thin wireless mini keyboard with touchpad mouse colorful backlit купить по лучшей цене

This 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard lets you control your device without leaving sofa, couch or bed. With touchpad function, you can move the cursor on your screen freely, and with left/right mouse buttons, a perfect combo of keyboard and mouse. The remote control distance is 10m. It will bring much enjoyment and convenience for your life. Features Multifunction design, can be used as remote control, mouse, keyboard and touchpad. Adopts 2.4GHz wireless technology, working distance is up to 10m without obstacles. With colorful backlight, convenient to operate in the dark. Support multi-finger functions: single finger click as left mouse function, two-finger click as the right mouse and two-finger drag as the rolling screen. The sensitivity of touchpad is with 2 speeds for your adjustments. Ergonomically handheld design, easy to carry and operate. Powered by rechargeable BL-4C lithium battery, convenient to change. Perfect for PC, tablet, Android TV box, Google TV box, Xbox 360, etc. Specifications ModelT2 Operational Rang Up to 10 meters Transmit Power +5db Max Operation Voltage 3.7V Keys Number 78 Backlit Colorful Charging Current
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