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ta298 indoor outdoor digital 4 4 lcd temperature humidity meter w probe white 1 x aaa купить по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model DC103 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color White + grey Material Plastic Specification Temperature measuring range: indoor: -10'C~+50'C (+14'F~+122'F) outdoor: -50'C~+90'C (-58'F~+194'F); Humidity measuring range: indoor: 20%~99%; Power: 1 x AAA battery (1.5V not included); 2.9" LCD with holder Other Features Indoor / outdoor temperature indoor humidity; 'C / 'F display switch; Indoor / outdoor highest / lowest temperature memory function comfort level display; With a magnet on the back for convenient to attach to metal surface Packing List 1 x Thermometer / hygrometer (100cm-probe cable) 1 x English user manual
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