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tensile spool nylon fishing line red 500m 6 купить по лучшей цене

Specification: Model Name:Nylon Fishing Line Weight:186g Color:golden yellow,green,transparency,red Length:500m Size Line Diameter(mm) Tension (kg) #1 0.16 4.80 #4 0.32 16 #8 0.50 35 Features: * Imported daiwa main strands pass-kill fishing line and this item is raw silk imported from Japan. * High density mixture making,computer parallel processing. * High flexibility,has good wear resistance,can pulls well. * Excellent softness into,strong, rally, no tie, not aging. * No easy to knot,suitable for rock fishing Package Includes: 1 x Fishing Line Note: The data on the goods you've received is the general data of the manufacturer's advertisements. The above data does not have a reference value. Please refer to our form if you want to know more about the information of the fishing line.
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