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In ELF research, sociolinguistic issues like language attitudes increasingly attract scholarly attention. This study concentrates on language attitudes concerning ELF in the European context, focusing on European students'' opinions. As a theoretical basis, issues concerning the conceptualization of ELF, language spread and English in Europe are discussed. The students'' attitudes were elicited by means of a questionnaire completed by 250 participants. The questionnaires explore the students'' perceptions of five areas: 1) their role as learners and users of the language, 2) English and linguistic imperialism, 3) pronunciation, 4) grammar and 5) idiomatic language use. Interrelations between frequencies of use, self- perceptions and attitude indications are drawn, probable characteristics of ELF users are examined and relations between ELT practices experienced and attitudes displayed are explored. The findings raise questions about linguistic insecurity and the relevance of ELF in counteracting standard language ideology. Generally, the research shows that the study of ELF attitudes is highly complex and calls for a reconsideration of traditional linguistic concepts.
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