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the buf634 module current buffer cache buffer amplifier amplifier conway technology купить по лучшей цене

Introduction Efficient super mini digital amplifier to obtain input 5V 6W of power special internal output processing circuit for maximum power output at a lower voltage super power built-in standby electronic switch built-in high -gain buffer amplifier built-in short circuit protection. 3.6 to 6V single-cell lithium battery or USB -powered appropriate also be four 1.5V batteries power transformers to add fixed 5V regulator circuit chip will burn more than 6V . Take the USB 5V power supply is recommended to use a single lithium or electricity . Slim board can be very easy to put into a small plastic box or other device in the slot such as to create MP3 / 4 or small laptop external speakers etc. as you imagine . Special Note : 1. It can not reverse the positive and negative power supply voltage must not exceed 6V these two violations could result in IC damage. 2. Chip have high- gain buffer the board can not alter any component parameters do not meet the parameters will result in IC damage. 3. Input line please try to use a shielded cable you can play the role of interference eliminating clutter current sound. 4 Output cmos tube BTL drive so the speakers can not be connected with the negative that is connected to the speaker four lines are completely independent does not allow total access .
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