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Cinema is considered one of the most powerful communication media transmitting a cultural art capable to entertain and enlighten the audience. Egyptian films have been acting throughout its history as a platform for the discussion of social, economic and political problems. Moreover, Arab and Egyptian audience relate themselves, as well as their real lives to the parallel world reflected by talented filmmakers on cinema screens. The study of how Egyptian cinema portrays certain groups in society is of paramount importance to assess the credibility of Egyptian films as a prevailing source to alter the audience perceptions of the world. The portrayal of Egyptian wives in Egyptian films is the major concern of this research. Hence, A content analysis on 35 Egyptian films produced prior to and post 1952 revolution in Egypt has been conducted to examine the portrayal of Egyptian wives and compare it with the real status of Egyptian women in four different ruling periods. Based on this study, it has been supported that Egyptian cinema throughout its history has been a mirror of society; a reflection of the social conditions in Egypt.

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