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the heart of a child being passages from the early life of sally snape lady kidderminster купить по лучшей цене

The story takes readers into the private life of the other half of the pair Azrun, and of his not-so-rosy relationship with his workaholic parents: beginning with his mother forgetting his birthday again, a fiery argument with his father over his poor achievements in school, a surreal confrontation with his arch-enemy Eliza, Lady of the Shadows of the Shudwa Dumanta Legion (initially wanting to trick him into setting her Commander/lover Shaik free but then something else happened!), overlapped with him running away from home for a place off-limits to everyone in this whole wide universe; and culminated into an ethereal catharsis towards the end of his adventure; with him arriving at a place of much holiness to learn about the saddest of truths that had been kept away from him all these while! Throw in an unexpected friendship between a boy and his robot (who despised him at first but then changed his heart at the last moment), the existence of a magical spring that gushes out potent liquid that alters time and space at will; and the fated reunion between two miserable souls and you will have a one emotional heck to read! Better bring out those tissue papers for this one! Heheheheh!

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