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The Jumping Stilts offers a straight movement by a flat spring controlled upon deformation. Incredible experience through exciting sports is never seen before in the entertainment world. It provides quick lacing system with fastener for children, and trains child's mind and body who is worn out by hard study or on-line game. Exciting Experience Enjoy incredible running speed and jumping height with the Jumping Stilts. Fitness Exercise Trains endurance and coordination & Strengthens muscles and tissues & Increases oxygen supply, especially for the kids. Good for Sports Spirit With the incredible height and speed, it can cultivate the spirit of new adventure to young athletes. Stress Relieving & Losing Weight Sporting activity removes stress. A physical exercise can free your mind and reduce weight. Load Range Suitable for children with weight of 30-50kg(66-110lbs). Note: In order to prevent to fall down by obstacle, please use it in extensive & safety place. Please read the Using Guide thoroughly before trying the Jumping Stilts for the first time. The tips & tricks are easy to follow and the safety warnings should be treated with caution. For further safety consideration, please be by side with your kids. Specifications MaterialSpring: Special reinforced glass fiber; Body: Aluminum alloy; Step:Rubber; Connection: Bolt or nut; Others: Plastic. Dimensions (LWH) 65 x 14 x 40cm Package size (LWH) 66 x 15 x 4cm N.W. 3.7kg
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