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This volume explores the development of Language and Language pedagogy from Theory to Method and the Post Method paradigms. The book seeks to draw implications to the classroom practitioner from the developments in Second Language instruction. The book discusses two theories of language acquisition and one theory of language learning and the relevance of these theories to the modern second language practitioner. It traces the long journey second language teaching has embarked on in the search for a second language teaching method which would provide the panacea for second language instruction ills and how the search has been rendered futile. The seeming breakthroughs subsequent to the method era are also examined. The book then considers some pertinent issues and practices related to the post-method era in second language teaching. The volume concludes by discussing errors and error correction in second language teaching within the context of the theories and methods discussed. The presentation of content is punctuated by self- help exercises meant to consolidate the issues discussed and to help the reader gauge their understanding of the issues raised.

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