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The author argues forcefully that tithing was the form of taxation in the Theocratic political system of government widely practiced among peoples of the ancient world, including the Jews,that it does not fit into any other political system of government. Even at the time of Jesus it had become a thing of the past among the Jews since they were no longer living under Theocratic political system of government. Jesus requres his followers to pay tax to their governments; this is the only system of taxation approved by him and St.Paul. He does not require his followers to pay tithes, so those pastors who are imposing this Mosaic law of tithing out-of-context on the followers of Jesus cannot claim to be doing so in his name.These pastors are subjecting Christians to double taxation: one by their government, this has the approval of Jesus; the other,an illegitimate 10% taxation imposed by their pastors,this is not approved by Jesus who has set Christians free from the bondage of the law; Christianity is not a religion of law but a rligion of love, grace, freedom and generosity.These pastors are taking Christians from the freedom Jesus won for them back to the bondage of law(79 pages)

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