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All species on the earth survive by “fitting” into the environment (Darwin). But human, survived in 3 dimensional shell (a)The Geography and Eenvironment (b)Social (c)Economic infrastructure. Is the “Survival of the fittest” exist in this millennium ? Yes ! As, people below the poverty line! They do not get their basic needs (food, shelter and clothing) within their earnings. This research identifies Poverty as an offspring of the Price increases loop in essential items. (Cost+Expense) reduction is a method for price control. Hence, “Operating Ratio” of all essential sectors within 75% is one of the “Key Proportion”. Selecting India, a sample with large poor people, Operating Ratio of all essential sectors are analysed with “live data”. It is compared with the same ratio in non-essential sectors and same sectors in developed nations. Agriculture is found as an effort of little return, due to absence of mass farming and monsoon dependence. Shortage in the supply of essential items is due to non-syncronisation of production and supply with the population growth. This is another “Key Proportion”. Control of these 2 Golden proportions and Cost+Expense control should end poverty

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