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In Tight Corners of Life is an engaging, thought-provoking novel that tells the story of Nanse Esther, a young teacher and intellectual who champions efforts to rid Kibogo of Sex inequalities, gender-based violence, corruption, and exploitation of the poor and disadvantaged among other evils. Along with her husband and other like-minded people, she establishes a Non Governmental Organization; ACTION FOR EMPOWERMENT OF THE DISADVANTAGED, through which she seeks to rid the country of her(the country's) present frustrations, dilemmas, and crossroads. Along the road of life, there are many bends and tight corners which she had wanted to straighten through her novel; In Tight Corners of life but the Manuscript was "stolen" before she could publish it.She is arrested for all her radical efforts which the government begins to consider a threat The Rev. john Ntambi immediately makes an appeal for action;‘Together, let us press that this country makes the right turns at the right points for the right causes and in furtherance and observance of our rights. Beyond the tight corners in our life, lies the freedom boat. Throughout the county, the people go to the streets on protest.
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