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What is eroticism in literature all about? Erotic literature includes fictional and factual stories and accounts which sexually arouse the reader, whether written with that intention or not. Such erotica takes the form of novels, short stories, poetry, true-to-life memoirs, and sex manuals (Hyde 1964). Erotic literature is now gaining readership in the Philippines. Stories and novels with erotic elements are now being published and circulated almost everywhere in the country and are even taken up in some literature schools and universities. Some works of Antonio Enriquez (The Night I Cry), Manuel Arguilla (Heat and Midsummer), Nick Joaquin (Summer Solstice),and Paz Latorena (Desire), for example, exhibit some elements of eroticism and are being introduced to the college students enrolled in Basic Literature courses in the Philippines. Now the question is "How shall these literary pieces with erotic undertones be carried into class discussions more effectively?" Thus, the challenge is in the right choice and appropriate use of analytical tool.

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