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D. H. Lawrence and the Dialectics of Spatial Form is an innovative work in the field of Lawrence-studies. Six major works of Lawrence- Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, Women in Love, The Captain’s Doll, Aaron’s Rod, and The Plumed Serpent- are selected in the study of spatial form. This book departs from the existing critical works on Lawrence, insofar as it rereads the so called Lawrentian characteristic defects in a positive way, connecting with the post-modern literary theories. The author takes account of Lawrence’s aesthetics and ideals, his cultural inheritance, and the resisting forces in English canonical writings of his time. Interpretation of Lawrence in a particular line and value judgement are ignored in order to direct the reader’s attention to a participatory reading. The work contains chapters on “Breaking the Prison Wall”, “Circular Repetition”, “Structural Aesthetics”, “Intertextual Collage”, and “Conclusion” besides a “Preface”. All through the chapters Lawrence has been presented in a new perspective unprecedented, rising above the dispute shrouding the critics.

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