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Journal articles are an indispensable source of information for academic research. But unlike books, which continue to be re-printed to meet demand, each edition of a journal is a one-off publication. This means that once the last copy is sold out, subsequent access to the published articles becomes elusive. Although the Internet now enables easier access to back issues of on-line journals, this has not completely solved the problem, as not all journals are readily available on-line. This publication offers the advantage of bringing together in a single volume a series of articles on Nigerian English by the same author, all previously published in different journals, festschrifts and edited books over a 25-year period. Undoubtedly, such a volume offers instant comprehensive access to all of an individual writer''s views on a particular subject matter, revealing any change of perspectives as well. These articles lay no claim to comprehensiveness but have the added usefulness of presenting to researchers and students of applied linguistics a large amount of data on Nigerian English, thus making a modest contribution to the corpus base of this variety of the ''new Englishes''.
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