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As the Science is advancing with the development of new technologies, there is a scope for learning the latest knowledge and in-depth studies of the subject. Keeping in view of this an attempt is made to write a comprehensive book entitled “Introduction to Animal Toxicology”. The book contains 8 chapters covering Toxico- kinetics and Toxico- dynamics, Poisons- classification, sources and causes of poisoning, Diagnosis, Postmortem findings, Prevention and treatment in Part-I General toxicology and Part-II Special toxicology covers Metal and non-metal Toxicity, Agrochemical toxicity, Drug toxicity, Venom toxicity and Poisonous Plants toxicity to animals. The book is written in a simple and lucid way with several examples and illustrations. Annexures are included to give emphasis for Poisonous plants list, groups of poisonous plants and some pictures of poisonous plants have been highlighted. It is highly useful for both UG and PG students of Animal science and UG students of Veterinary Medicine as the book is written following the syllabus from harmonized curriculum of undergraduate Animal science and Veterinary Medicine programmes. I thank all my colleagues for their cooperation.
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